Welcome to RivenWoodCrafts On-Line

My name is Mark Krawczyk.  I began this small woodworking business in December of 2004.  Currently, I operate from a small workshop along the shores of Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont.  There I make custom furniture and other useful items using traditional tools and techniques.


Why ‘Riven’ WoodCrafts?

The word ‘riven’ refers to wood that has been carefully split.  After ‘riving’ a log into sections, I create chair parts from ‘riven wood’.


What is traditional woodworking?

In calling my work ‘traditional’, I am referring to the tools and techniques used in production.  This type of woodworking is also called green woodworking because the materials are generally shaped while still wet or ‘green’.  So, rather than using sawn lumber from a mill, I begin with a fresh, raw log, splitting it into parts I shape by hand with a draw-knife and shaving horse (a brilliantly simple foot-operated vice more than four centuries old).  Because wood that has been split retains the natural strength and integrity of its fibers, I can create strong, lightweight products that I guarantee for life.


I use a number of hardwoods native to the northeastern US, including ash, oak, black locust, walnut, hickory, maple and cherry.  Each year I locally harvest natural seating materials (cattails and hickory bark).


I generally make ladderback chairs and stools with hand woven seats, but I will happily take on commissions for tables, barstools, antique replicas or any other wooden item in which you may be interested.


I welcome visitors to my shop and teach traditional chair and stool making workshops to individuals or small groups in an informal setting with lots of individual attention.


Please go ahead and explore the site and contact me with any comments, questions, ideas or suggestions.


Thanks for visiting.


Mark Krawczyk


Burlington, VT

(802) 999-2768